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Epicenter in Israel

Posted by Tom Doyle on April 24, 2011

The Epicenter Conference in Jerusalem next month is going to be a powerful time. Joel Rosenberg has put together a great team and I believe that it is an important time for a message from the Prophet Joel for Israel and the church. Here is a link to the speakers page. How appropriate for this gathering in Israel while the nation is celebrating it’s 63rd birthday!


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How to Love Muslims to Christ

Posted by Tom Doyle on May 4, 2010

Dear Friends,

Wednesday night April 28th at 7 PM PST JoAnn and I will be in San Diego to film a unique event. Hormoz Shariat who is the Billy Graham of Iran and I will be speaking on the subject How to Love Muslims to Christ at Horizon Christian Fellowship. Joel Rosenberg and the Joshua Fund have pulled this project together to help equip believers in America to share the gospel with Muslims. Thank you Joel! We are excited to do this 90 minute training. It will be packed with “how to’s” and amazing stories of what God is doing around the world today.
With all the bad news out there sometimes we don’t always get to hear how God is moving in our very midst. Did you know that last year 23,000 Muslims came to Christ in America? Also, in our e3 Middle East ministry we saw over 3200 converts. I can remember just a few years ago when we prayed that we would see just one Muslim come to Christ and be discipled. For Muslims, converting to become a follower of Jesus can bring a death sentence. But Muslims have a bold passion for Christ once they escape Islam and their lives will motivate you to live that way too. Our goal is to inspire believers in America to build friendships with Muslims and then share Jesus’ good news with them. Muslims are coming to Christ faster than ever before in their 1500 years. This is our time.
I am always astonished at the power of God to transform lives. Most of you receiving this know our story.  JoAnn and I sure didn’t start with a love for Muslims. Not even close. But then God got a hold of our hearts and we were able to see Muslims through God’s eyes of compassion. Maybe you can relate to those feelings that we had.
We thought everyone of them was a terrorist with a bomb under their coat! Unfortunately terrorism is a major concern today around the world and the majority of it is generated from the religion of Islam. But we have found that about 60% of Muslims worldwide don’t even practice Islam. And about 30% practice Islam but are not radical Jihadists. Hard line Muslims who want to use terrorism to advance Islam are about 8-10% In some cases, even the hard line “death to America” kinds of Muslims have come to faith in Christ. Hormoz who will be speaking with me was himself in the 1979 Iranian protests during the American hostage crisis shouting those very things. But then Jesus found him and delivered him into the Light! He loves Jesus now. He loves America and enjoys living here too! His Evangelistic TV program that beams into Iran is watched by 9 million Iranians every night! He has seen thousands of Iranians come to Christ.
So would you pray for us? This project has huge eternal ramifications with the number of people that will be able to watch it across America in churches, Bible studies and in their homes. We pray that God will use us to help move believers away from a mindset of fear to a mindset of love for Muslims. That’s a tall order! Please pray that I am filled with God’s Spirit so that I don’t blow it!
Life in Jesus is a journey…. and JoAnn and I have been on one that we never could have expected. We are overwhelmed.
Thank you for your prayers. We need them big time tomorrow.
With love and great appreciation, Tom and JoAnn-e3 Partners Middle East

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Shiites, Sunnis, Palestinians in the Same Room!

Posted by Tom Doyle on March 26, 2010

Muslim friends in Tyre

Tyre and Sidon are the Bible’s version of the Twin Cities. The spiritual history is rich here in the country of Lebanon. The two cities are almost always mentioned together, but over time Tyre became the lead city of the two. In fact in the Bible it is always mentioned first. King Hiram of Tyre played a major role in the building of Israel’s first Temple with King Solomon. Jesus healed a young girl here who was demonized after her mother pleaded with Him in a display of great faith. The Apostle Paul spent a week here with some disciples before he went to Jerusalem and was arrested for the last time.

But Tyre is most remembered for God’s judgment on the city that He pronounced in detail in Ezekiel 26. Through the ancient prophet, God predicted that Tyre would be leveled and the Island city would be scraped clean and good for nothing except for fishermen to dry their nets on it. This did happen exactly the way God said it would when Alexander the Great arrived here in 332 BC and destroyed the city. The Island city had massive 150 foot walls but soon they were leveled and at the same time so was the Phoenician culture. By the New Testament days Tyre was a mere shadow of the great city it once was and it was now situated on the coast since the Island was no longer inhabitable.

This week we were in this ancient coastal city and the Selah Team was blessed to minister to the women of Tyre. It is 20 miles from the border of Israel and because of that it is controlled by Shiite Muslims and specifically the Hezbollah terrorist group. We always say “the Middle East is unpredictable.” Well this place is off the chart! The Shiite Muslims hate the Sunni Muslims who also live here and of course the feeling is mutual. Along with that you have Palestinians in refugee camps and even some nominal Christians. You can feel the tension in the air.

But God broke through the religion, politics, and even the terrorism to bring all of these groups together at the Selah Women’s conference. There were Shiites, Sunnis, Palestinians, nominal Christians and in the midst of it….. Jesus was there. These women soaked it up as they worshipped, listened to powerful testimonies from the team, and had their feet washed with love and compassion. It was an incredible couple of days. We praise God for the women that made a commitment to Jesus Christ and for those that were strengthened in their faith.

One woman was especially touched. N was a Muslim until recently when she trusted Jesus as her savior. Her husband went into a violent rage over this and threatened her and her three children. So in the middle of the night she left and is living in a shelter now. She cried through the whole conference. There are so many more stories. In the next few days we’ll blog again and give you some more good news. But until then, thank you for your faithful intercession for us as we were on the front lines for Christ in a desperate and needy place. God answered your prayers and this ancient city has many women who are encouraged in their faith tonight. There are also some new believers that we are rejoicing with.
God is Amazing isn’t He?
Good night from Tyre, The Selah Team

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3 Important Breakthroughs in the Middle East

Posted by Tom Doyle on November 18, 2009

JoAnn and I just returned from Israel yesterday and are we exhausted! We were blessed to be there with Joel Rosenberg, the Joshua Fund and 300 folks on the trip. We are really excited about the coming Joshua Fund-e3 Partner projects that we are working on for 2010. We believe that God has brought us together and this will be a great partnership with Joel and his team! Ok here are 3 quick bullet points from the Middle East:

 –Jews and Palestinians come together in Jesus!  At a 2 day conference in Jerusalem, Tass Saada spoke about his life when he was a Palestinian sniper under Yassar Arafat. Amazingly, he is now a believer and has a ministry in the West Bank now with needy Palestinians. When he finished his message a Jewish-Messianic pastor named Eitan Shiskoff was so moved that he went up to the stage and asked Tass for the microphone. Eitan apologized on behalf of the Jewish people for their treatment of the Palestinians. He said “please forgive us for sometimes humiliating your people at the checkpoints. Please forgive us for the innocent lives that have been killed in the midst of the conflict” He went on and on. Tass then said to Eitan “please forgive us Palestinians for all the havoc and killing that we have wreaked on your people.” Both of them were crying and while they hugged each other, the place went wild with a standing ovation! No dry eyes were found in the room. Wow, Jesus is so powerful with His offer of love and forgiveness. That is the only answer for the volatile Middle East. The problems are spiritual in nature. The world spends a lot of time on political solutions that have thus far in the 61 Year old conflict accomplished nothing. I sometimes get caught up in the politics myself but in the end spiritual problems cannot be solved politically. What a big step forward this was!

Maryam and Marzieh released from Evin Prison in Iran!  We heard that this was a strong possibility while we in Jerusalem this weekend. Here is the update from Elam Ministry of Iran: “Maryam Rustampoor and Marzieh Amirizadeh were released from Evin prison in Iran today, Wednesday November 18, 2009 at 3:30 PM, without bail. However, they may yet have to face a court hearing and still need our prayers. “Words are not enough to express our gratitude to the Lord and to His people who have prayed and worked for our release,” they said. Maryam and Marzieh were arrested because of their Christian faith on March 5, 2009. Though their health has suffered greatly while in prison, they are doing as well as could be expected, and are rejoicing in the Lord’s faithfulness to them. “Maryam and Marzieh have greatly inspired us all. Their love for the Lord Jesus and their faithfulness to God has been an amazing testimony,” says Sam Yeghnazar, Director of Elam Ministries.” This is a huge praise as many in Iran thought they would lose their lives for making this courageous stand for Christ! Praise the Lord! For more go to A picture of these sweet but bold women fro God is below on the email.

-Credible Death Threats Hurled at Palestinian Pastors- Yesterday a fanatic Muslim in the West Bank who calls himself “The Cross Smasher” promised to kill Palestinian pastors and leaders. The gospel is making inroads in this area and hard line Muslims are angry. Please remember that the majority of the Muslims in this region are open, friendly, and often interested in hearing the claims of Christ for eternal life. Please pray that these threats will not stop the Palestinian pastors and believers from spreading the gospel. Please also pray for our e3 Team in the West Bank. Please be wise if you forward this email. Thank you for your love, prayers and generous support. We love you. Please pray for us as we are asking God for to bring in a lot of financial support between now and the end of the year. The economy is affecting everyone and that includes us too. We are really blessed by your sacrificial giving in these tough times. For the Colorado folks, we hope to have a dessert at our home before Christmas. JoAnn is already working on the menu!! God Bless you richly, Tom and JoAnn

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Make a Difference in Israel and in the Middle East

Posted by Tom Doyle on November 16, 2009

Today I am sitting in Jerusalem looking over the Old City in amazement. How beautiful Jerusalem is when the sun goes down and the lights dot the hills surrounding God’s favorite city. In our Bible, Jerusalem is mentioned over 800 times. It seems that God is very fond of this place! This is my 34th trip here and I am often asked  “don’t you ever get tired of Israel?” The answer is always a loud “no.” How can we as believers get tired of the city that Jesus wept over and the city that the Father said He put His Name over forever?

So have you ever yearned to be here?  If you have we have some opportunities for you!

April 15-25 e3 Medical Trip to Israel– You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to make a difference in the lives of Palestinians who live in the Hebron area. Last year we saw over 600 Palestinian patients.  The love of Christ extended through this medical outreach made a huge impact on this village. We even saw the Lord move in hearts and 5 Palestinians even prayed to receive Christ! I will also be leading a mini-Bible Tour of Israel concentrating on the Galilee area and Jerusalem. Interested? just email:

November 1-12- Israel Advanced Bible Tour- Perfect for those that have been to Israel and are looking to dig deeper. This Bible tour will travel to places in Israel that most tours never see. We’ll see the Caves in Northern Israel along the Mediterranean next to the Lebanon border. We’ll also visit Hebron and see the Machpelah Tomb where Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried along with Sarah, Rebekah and Leah. Also, we will travel to Mt. Gerizim, and Mt. Ebal and to Shechem where Joseph is buried.  We’ll have a time for ministry with both Jews and Palestinians.  We’ll travel into the heart of Israel and not only visit Biblical sites  but meet some of the most godly effective ministry leaders in all the land. You’ll meet some of the awesome believers that I write about in Two Nations Under God and in Breakthrough. Interested? Just email:

Come with us to the place where Jesus will return to one day and maybe soon. Come learn and serve Jesus here with frontline followers of Jesus both Jewish-Messianic and Palestinian. You’ll never be the same. What are you waiting for?

“I will show Myself holy among them in the sight of all nations.” Ezekiel 28:25

Blessings from Jerusalem! Tom and JoAnn

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Tom Doyle on Joel Rosenberg’s 9/11 Townhall Meeting Webcast

Posted by Tom Doyle on September 25, 2009

To watch this important event just go to this website.

Joel Rosenberg, Janet Parshall, and Hormoz Shariatt were informative and inspiring. I was humbled to be a part of this! God’s blessings to you, Tom

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Netanyahu at the UN, Obama Fails, and Muslims on Capitol Hill

Posted by Tom Doyle on September 25, 2009

Today and tomorrow are very important days in our beloved United States of America. Here are three bullet points that we as believers need to be fully informed and praying about:
1. President Obama’s Speech at the United Nations. Joel Rosenberg writes this about the address in his Flash Traffic released today:
“President Obama’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly was not just a disappointment, it was dangerous.

Weak on Iran. Hard on Israel. Virtually silent on Afghanistan.

The President effectively called for Israel’s capital city of Jerusalem to be divided, for Israel itself to be divided, and proposed no enforcement mechanism to stop Iran from getting the Bomb. This will only encourage the Radicals from Gaza City to Tehran.

Ahmadinejad’s speech was also dangerous, in a different way. The tone was low-key, quiet, deceitfully tame — it was clear he didn’t want to make splashy, provocative headlines this time around. The speech was aimed at temporarily mollifying critics (or at least not giving them fresh ammunition against him), and buying time so the West doesn’t act decisively and Iran can finish building nuclear weapons without interference. What’s so dangerous is this strategy is likely to work.” Joel Rosenberg 

Joel and his team just talked about the Iranian situation in depth during his Town Hall meeting on September 11th. I was blessed to be one of the speakers on the Inside the Revolution 9/11 Town Hall Meeting Webcast with Joel in Philadelphia. It was a great experience and a significant meeting. If you didn’t get to see it here is the link for the program:   (The program is worth watching in it’s entirety because Joel really explains the present day situation so well. He is gifted and God’s hand is clearly on him. But if you only have a short time my interview starts at about the 55 minute mark.)

2. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at the United Nations:
The Prime Minister was at his best at the United Nations today. He was clear, convincing, and ever so strong about the Iranian threat. Here is a short clip of Netanyahu’s speech. All I can say is wow! Praise the Lord for this speech! It’s about time we hear this at the UN. Pray for Israel. They are in a critical time of need today! We believers are needed for intercession on behalf of the nation of Israel. 

Here are a few of Netanyahu’s points as summarized by Joel Rosenberg:
  • The Prime Minister laid down the gauntlet with Iran, and the world.
  • He commended the nations whose leaders and diplomats either boycotted or walked out of Ahmadinejad’s speech yesterday for their “moral clarity.”
  • He also shamed those who stayed and those U.N. leaders who gave the Iranian leader – who calls the Holocaust “a lie” while publicly threatening to annihilate the Jewish people in the not-too-distant future – a platform to spew his vile beliefs.
  • “To those who gave this Holocaust denier a hearing, I say on behalf of my people, Have you no shame? Have you no decency?”
  • He showed the world original Nazi documents explaining the Holocaust that were given him by the German government and repeatedly asked world leaders, “Are these a lie?”
  • He noted that President Obama recently visited a Nazi death camp in Europe and asked whether Obama gave validation to “a lie.”
  • Netanyahu urged the world to stop Iran now from getting the Bomb, and warned the failure to do so could lead to incalculable suffering and damage.
  • He challenged the U.N. for its anti-Semitic and anti-Israel “Goldstone Commission” report. The report charges the Jewish state with war crimes for defending her people from eight years of 10,000-plus rockets and missiles raining down from Gaza. What’s more, he challenged the U.N. to reject the commission’s report and thus side with Israel, or accept the report and side with and reward the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. He asked how Israel could possibly take more “risks for peace” if the world condemned Israel for defending herself from terror attacks launched from the last swath of land offered to the Palestinians in the name of peace. 
3. Islam Makes a Statement on the Capitol Steps tomorrow September 25th: T
Tomorrow an estimated 50,000 Muslims will gather on the Capitol steps of for Friday noon prayers. Jummah (Friday noon prayers for the false religion of Islam) will be held at our nation’s most important building. Here is what the prayer team at Focus on the Family has to say about the event:. Kamal has interpreted the Arabic writing on the hand of the Muslim logo  below posted on this events website. It is the 1st Sura in the Koran. This hand with the Koran Sura super imposed over the Constitution and embracing the hand of America is a powerful symbolic gesture as is the International symbol of Islam super-imposed over the American Flag and the statement Our Time Is Come.  Please look at this website and you will know why we as believers need to be be praying and fasting today and tomorrow. But the Good News is that Believers will be there at the Capitol tomorrow too! There are many organized groups that will be praying, sharing with Muslims, giving out the Jesus DVD and being a godly witness for Jesus Christ. Please pray for their protection and that God would open the hearts of these Muslim leaders, some of whom are of the extreme hard line Jihadist persuasion!


“Our President has recently proclaimed, honored, encouraged the Muslim holy days of prayer and fasting called Ramadan. He was very silent on the National Day of Prayer but very vocal on the support of Ramadan. Interestingly at the same time a major Christian leader of the Emergent Church called for forty days of fasting and prayer in the same Ramadan period with the goal that the church will better understand our Muslim friends.  We are all for understanding but we must have spiritual discernment as to the spiritual dark powers that are being invoked into our nation.


At the same time, on the 25th of September, Muslims are calling for a Muslim Day of Prayer in Washington DC ( They are calling for 50,000 Muslims to gather and pray on the DC Mall. This is the exact word of one of the Sheikhs who is leading this historic gathering, “Muslims should march on the White House. We are going to the White House so that Islam will be victorious, Allah willing, and the White House will become into a Muslim house.” These are not empty words. They speak of a dark spiritual intent and a coming day of great trouble to America.”

Kamal Saleem is a former terrorist but now he is a passionate believer and has written a great book on his life and the threat of radical Islam called Blood of the Lambs.  He has reads Arabic fluently of course and 


Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for being on our prayer team as we are up on the front lines of this spiritual battle. Thank you for your faithful support. Without you, we would not be able to be serving Christ throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Thank you. You are making a difference with your prayers and generous giving. I leave for Israel in a few weeks.

Our son Tommy did our website and we’d love for you to see it! It has e3 mission trips, our speaking schedule and lots more! We love you!      Tom and JoAnn



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Israel, Gaza, Terrorists in Bethlehem and Selah

Posted by Tom Doyle on August 26, 2009

College Students Make an Impact on Israel! The college team that we took from Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota was led by Matt Selby our new e3 Middle East intern, and we also had some young people from New Life Church here in Colorado Springs. What a joy to work with! These students were godly, fun, and gifted. They all are musically talented and led us in worship everywhere we went. They shared the gospel faithfully with religious Jews, secular Jews, Muslims, and nominal Christians. They gave out Hebrew New Testaments to Jews in Tel-Aviv. They fearlessly walked the streets in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Ramallah bringing Christ to lost and the religious which surprisingly are often more difficult to reach than hard line Muslims. Praise the Lord for these “missionaries in training” and their passionate hearts for Jesus! They led people to Christ and God used them greatly. Way to go team! I hope we can take a college team or two each year to the Middle East.


 Terrorists and the Selah Conference- JoAnn, Julia Schatz, Kathleen Flynn, and Angel Davis teamed up with Madeline Sara (who is the wife of Palestinian pastor Jack Sara of Jerusalem and the leader we work with in the West Bank) to host a Selah Women’s Conference in Bethlehem. When we scheduled the conference months ago, we had no idea what the ladies would be walking into in Bethlehem! Here is a short narrative of the situation that greeted us as we arrived in Jesus’ birthplace written by a friend, pastor Don Kimbro, of Albuquerque who was also there at the time:


    “The evening we arrived in Bethlehem, in the area known as the West Bank, it was also the beginning day of the first conference in 20 years of the Palestinian political organization, Fatah, which had been given permission by Israel to meet in Bethlehem. Over 2000 Fatah delegates from all over the Middle East were meeting at the Jerusalem Peace Center on Manger Square. According to The Jerusalem Post, several infamous terrorists were in attendance.

Security was extremely high and so was the tension. There was constant movement of troops in vans, pickup trucks, motorcycles, and other military vehicles from one point in the city to another. With the blaring of sirens, flashing red and blue lights and the ever-present exposure of automatic weapons, and snipers on the rooftops, and even ambulances, we were sure that war or a terrorist attack could happen at any moment. 

Later we learned that this show of strength was orchestrated by Fatah to send a message to one of their chief rivals in the Middle East, the terrorist organization Hamas, controllers of Gaza in the south. The message was clear, “Keep your hands off of the West Bank.” It was a Fatah show of force. The next day at about noon in Bethlehem, as the Fatah conference was breaking for lunch, Israeli military jets suddenly made several passes over the city, low enough to be clearly recognized and heard. There was no mistaking their message to the Fatah delegates, “We’re in control of this land and don’t you forget it. This was an Israeli show of force. ” Pastor Don Kimbro


    Wow, what a setting! Talk about taking the gospel into the darkness! Many of the members of the Fatah party were staying in the same hotel that the Selah team was in! The first night of the Selah conference, JoAnn and the team felt that they were fighting against the forces of hell itself as everything that could go wrong did! There was evil in the air and the Palestinian women could feel it along with the American team. What they did not know was that across the street in the Fatah meeting violence broke out as one delegate was shot dead and 45 were wounded as the Selah team was ministering to the Palestinian women. Since CNN and all the other news teams were not allowed in the Fatah conference and were kept blocks away, this event went unreported in the press. The reason we found this out was because of Palestinian believers that were there when it happened kept us informed.


    But God was glorified as the Palestinian leadership, the Selah team, and the college students prayed for the women and for God to touch these women who live in such difficult situations under the continual threat of fundamentalist Islam. Many of them fasted and prayed and God answered their prayers. The next morning there was a breakthrough as the Lord began to move among the women in power. There were some former Muslims in attendance also. What a blessing from God this was! Once again the contrast was so clear to all of us. God is not going to solve things in the Middle East politically. The reason for this is because the problems in the region are spiritual in nature rather than political. The news outlets are putting a lot of stock in this “historic Fatah conference.” But nothing will change.  Even though the Fatah party is somewhat “moderate” compared to Hamas, it is sad to hear that at the conference they called for renewed violence against Israel. They are also calling for every Jew to be gone from East Jerusalem and the West Bank entirely.  And if that was not bad enough, Fatah voted to include the Al-Aksa Martyr’s Brigade in their “security force” while in the Bethlehem summit. They are as equally dangerous as Hamas.  And this is who is Israel is supposed to negotiate with?


Phone Tapping- Because Israel has the best security in the world they listen to phone calls in order to catch terrorists in the act. Certain words trigger a response and you can hear the volume go down on your phone call if you say words like Gaza, or Hamas, or Terrorism etc. etc. So needless to say, we try to avoid these words when talking on the phone in Israel! After being in Gaza for two days, a national radio program called and asked if I would do an interview and I said sure. As the interview developed the host asked a few times about Gaza, Hamas, and Terrorism specifically. As I started to give my answers and keep it “kind of general” I heard the volume go down on the phone line and the Israeli’s talking in the background!!! They were talking to each other saying “What is he talking about? What? Where?” I was so distracted and of course very cautious in what I said that I am sure that it was about the worst interview I have ever done! Such is life in Israel! Where 6 million Jews are surrounded by Muslims that want to destroy them. Some of them are in the Fatah party.


And so there you have it! Thank you for making of all this possible. Thank you for your prayers and generous support! We are so blessed to work with you for the cause of Christ in the Middle East! Next month we are off to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon to work with our e3 leadership team and do some trainings. Until then we are praying and working on enlisting new people to support us in this ministry. Thank you for your faithfulness. Would you please pray for us as we work on support? God Bless you and thank you for all you are doing! We love you, Tom and JoAnn

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Israel, Iran, Syria, and Jimmy Carter

Posted by Tom Doyle on June 20, 2009

Hi Everyone,
        I just returned from Israel and it was a fantastic trip! What a blessing to be there and to travel from the Golan Heights in the north all the way to the Negev desert in the south. The Sea of Galilee is better than you can imagine, and there is no city in the world that compares to Jerusalem. We also met with believers and heard their stories of what God is doing in their lives in the midst of persecution. We had a wonderful team that went with us and they fell in love with both the Palestinians and Messianic Believers as we worshipped with both of them while in Israel.  
        Currently, there are so many major events happening in the region. The Middle East is unpredictable and always in the news. Islamic Terrorists have brought hatred and instability to the region and it is growing. Yet God is moving in powerful ways there. Muslims are receiving Jesus as their Savior in record numbers today. In the midst of the darkness over the Middle East, the light of the gospel is shining brightly. Here are some of the current top stories and how they relate to the church in the Middle East:
Iran Erupts!  All this week in Tehran the streets have been packed with hundreds of thousands of Iranians protesting the reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Iran. Iranians are claiming that the election was stolen from the popular candidate Hossein Mousavi and that in some Iranian cities “the official vote” for Ahmadinejad was higher than the actual population of the individual city itself!  Protests are extremely rare in Iran as the people fear the Ayatollah Khamenei’s Revolutionary Guard and it’s brutal crackdowns. Massive crowds are gathered at Tehran University and in Revolution Square which commemorates the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Young people are energized and boldly protesting with signs that say “Death to the Dictator!” and “Death to Dictatorship!” A suicide bomber just blew himself up killing a handful of people near the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini the architect of the Iranian Revolution and it’s first Supreme leader.
        I believe that the protests that have now become riots are not just connected to the election but also in large part to the 30 year Sharia Law rule of  this cruel and corrupt regime. The people of Iran live in paranoid fear of the long arm of the evil government.
Fast Facts About Iran:
-The majority of the people of Iran (about 70%) now claim that they are atheists after 3 decades of hard line Islam.
-Iran is one of the most drug addicted countries in the world.
-68-70% of Iran is younger than 30. This is a youth oriented country.
-Young people in their 20’s speak openly about committing suicide if they cannot immigrate to another country.
-In 1979 there were about 500 Christians in Iran. The Ayatollah vowed to crush the church as he said “there is no room for two religions in Iran.”
-But Jesus promised in Matthew 16 “I will build MY church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” No government or leader can stand in Jesus’ way.
        They are no match for HIS incredible love for the people of the world and his power. Today the church in Iran numbers between 1-2 million! 
Israel is Ready for Conflict with Iran  While in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government prepared the people for an Iranian war with a 5 day emergency practice test run. With no expected help from the Obama administration, Israel is ready and willing to defend itself alone and without American backing. But as believers we know that “indeed, He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121:4
One week ago today I had the privilege of preaching at a Messianic congregation in Tel-Aviv. The worship was passionate and just before I spoke I received a text message from a new believer and former Muslim in Iran named Amir. He was upset because of the results of the election. I told him that I was in Israel and ready to preach at a Jewish Messianic congregation and then Amir sent a message for me to read to them. He said: ” Brothers and sisters in Israel, we love you in Iran. Regardless of what our evil government says, we have a great connection to you since we have lived together in Persia since the Babylonian captivity. We are practically cousins. Many people in Iran are coming to Jesus as Savior and we pray for you in Israel and we pray also that one day we will be free to travel to Israel to worship Jesus Christ together in Jerusalem!”  After I read the text from Amir there was a few seconds of shocked silence (most Israelis imagine that every Iranian wants to ‘wipe the Jews off the map’ like Ahmadinejad does) and then the place erupted in applause!!!  I will never forget that moment as the Love of Jesus broke through the negative news, the threats from Iran, and the coming conflict and united the hearts of the believers in Israel with the believers in Iran. Amir would have been smiling if he could have been there. Our American team was laughing and crying ourselves.
Syria- Iran’s Partner in the Pursuit of Israel’s Destruction The relationship between the two terrorist governments of Iran and Syria is tight. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah is from Lebanon and resides in Syria. He studied Islam in Iran’s radical seminaries in Qom and Najaf. He is bent on the all-out destruction of Israel. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Muslims and Alawites are coming to faith in Christ in Syria rapidly! Our e3 Partners leadership team there is 30-40 people now. They are godly and gifted leaders and bringing Christ to the people of Syria. Please pray for them when you see anything on the news about Syria. They are leading the a spiritual revolution right in the heart of fanatical Islam.   
 Jimmy Carter Targeted for Assassination By Hamas  Last Monday we were in Jerusalem having dinner at the American Colony hotel and in walked former President Jimmy Carter. Known for being completely out of touch with the situation in Israel, he has consistently reached out to Palestinian terrorists. But for the first time in 3 decades of travel to Israel, Carter went on the other side of the fence and visited a Jewish settlement in the West Bank. He now says that the residents of Gush Etzion in the West Bank should be allowed to remain there. This is quite a turnaround for him. Which shockingly means that Jimmy Carter has a slightly more conservative view of Israel than does current US President Barack Obama who is demanding Israel to dismantle all Jewish settlements.
        Carter holds to a “moral equivalence” view which equates Israeli Defense Force soldiers who are called on to protect their country, with Palestinian terrorist groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad. He is now asking President Obama to take Hamas off of the US terrorist list. If I were him I think I would be seriously rethinking my rose colored view of Hamas…since they tried to kill him while entering Gaza last week. Roadside bombs were found on the route that Carter was traveling on into Gaza City. Just another example of how Jihadist groups like Hamas really don’t care if you are conservative like George Bush or liberal like Jimmy Carter….. they want to kill all of us. In the end there is no solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict politically. The problems are spiritual in nature and they require spiritual solutions. Praise the Lord that former Palestinian terrorists and Israeli seculars are coming together in the freedom and forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
        The good news is that our e3 leaders in Israel are committed to intentionally launching new churches that are half Jewish and half Palestinian. This is extremely confidential due to what would happen to Palestinian believers if they were caught with Jewish believers. But they believe that this will be a great lesson to the people of Israel both Jew and Arab that the only solution to the conflict is forgiveness in Jesus Christ. This is erasing the hatred that has been rooted in the Holy Land for 4000 years of which began with Isaac and Ishmael. We are thrilled to be a part of this historic movement. And you are a part of this historic movement! Thank you for your prayers for the Doyle family, your love and your generous gifts to our work through e3 Partners. We could not be involved in 10 countries in the Middle East without your help. We are so blessed to serve with you in this important region of the world. Please pray for our support as we are in the midst of working on that now.
We love you! We are honored and blessed to serve Christ in the Middle East and Central Asia. We are honored to represent you there too! God Bless you in the midst of these important days that we live in,
                Tom and JoAnn Doyle- e3 Partners  

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Joel Rosenberg Interviews Tom Doyle

Posted by Tom Doyle on May 29, 2009

Joel Rosenberg Interviews Tom Doyle

On The Iranian Threat to Israel




Joel- Tom, do you see a war between Iran and Israel coming? How soon? What are you seeing and hearing?  

Tom- I think it is unavoidable at this point. Israel cannot afford to sit back and do nothing as Iran’s nuclear program continues to move forward rapidly and as President Ahmadinejad boasts that Iran will “wipe Israel off the map.” My guess is that Israel will take out some of the nuclear sites within the year.  An Israeli advisor to the Prime Minister told me that Israel does not have to hit all 39 nuclear sites but rather just 6 of the 39 to stop the program from being a threat to Israel and the rest of the world for about 6 years. 

Joel- When was the last time you were in Iran? What’s your take on President Ahmadinejad?  

Tom -I was in Iran last fall and the mood among the Iranians is gloomy to say the least! The people are fully aware that the Ayatollah and his spokesman President Ahmadinejad have isolated Iran from the West and a conflict with Israel is certain. Joel, I talked to Muslims and born again believers in Iran and they have one thing in common; they both despise President Ahmadinejad!  One Muslim man that I met who had served in the military with him said that “everyone in Iran knows that Ahmadinejad is crazy.” His reasoning was that since he spent so many years up on the frontlines in the Iraq-Iran war from 1980-1988 that he merely went insane. This moderate Muslim man was himself repulsed by the tactics used by the Iranians on the frontlines… he saw beheadings and mass electrocution. It seems the Iranian soldiers would lay electric cables in the river that the Iraqi soldiers were approaching and then wait until the majority of the troops were wading in it and then electrocute them. This man that I met in Tehran said “Ahmadinejad enjoyed this kind of brutality. He saw so much of it on a daily basis that I think he cracked up.” 

Joel- Are the Iranian people supporting Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah Khameini? 

Tom- Not at all! The people believe that the Islamic Revolution has destroyed their country. The people live in constant fear daily because of the government’s fanatical obsession with upholding Sharia Law that was imposed on them in 1979. Iranians also believe that the government cannot be trusted and that corruption is rampant. In the last “election” in Iran I am told by insiders that only about 10% of the entire country voted. Another tell-tale sign is that an estimated 70% of Iranians claim to be atheists now. The majority of the people want nothing to do with Islam and their leaders.



Joel- What’s happening spiritually in Iran — and why?

Tom- In 1979 when the Islamic Revolution began there were probably about 500 believers in Iran. The country was going to become “an Islamic model” for other Muslim nations to follow. But those plans failed miserably. Because today we know that there are 1-2 million believers in Iran! The Church in Iran took off once the Islamic Revolution took place. Joel, the people of Iran are so open to Jesus! We had many people walk up and ask us to tell them about Jesus. The believers meet in secrecy, they share Bibles written in Farsi, and they worship passionately. In Iran if you are a believer your life is obviously at risk. Some key leaders have been martyred for their faith. 

Joel- I love your new book, Two Nations under God. It’s powerful and provocative. How would you summarize the central point you’re making? 

Thank you Joel! I believe that America has been blessed for supporting and loving Israel now for over the last 60 years. America has been Israel’s best friend and has stood with Israel as they have defended their tiny nation during 6 major wars. We have blessed them and in turn God has blessed us. The promise to Abraham in Genesis 12 to “bless those who bless you” has been realized in the United States of America. Also while ministering in Israel we have found that the Palestinians are very open to the Gospel and as believers we are called to love them too. God’s love is for all people and unfortunately most people in America when they hear the word “Palestinian” think of terrorism. While terrorism is most certainly destroying the Palestinian culture, on the other hand there is a vibrant Palestinian Church in Israel and in other countries where Palestinians live like in Jordan and in Lebanon. The Palestinians are some of the warmest and most loving believers we have ever worked with. We love them! They are amazing in how they follow Christ in the midst of such danger. 

     We know that Jesus is the only answer to the Israel Palestinian conflict. Peace treaties will come and go and so will the leaders who write them. But those peace treaties will never be able to deal with the hatred that the two groups have for each other. Only Jesus can give you a new heart. And he is doing that as Jews and Palestinians are coming to Christ and finding true reconciliation. Joel, seeing Jewish believers and Palestinian believers worship together is one of the most exciting experiences I have ever been a part of. It makes your hair stand up! 

Joel- You’re not Jewish, right? How did you develop such a love of the Jewish people?  

Tom- No I’m not Jewish. Actually I’m Irish…Thomas James Patrick Doyle! But I love the Jewish people and that love for them began when I went to Israel for the first time in 1995. My life was changed dramatically touring Israel. I realized that the Bible was so clear about God’s love for the Jewish people and also that we were called to have the same heart and love for them too. I never stopped going to Israel.  I eventually became a licensed Tour Guide for Israel. God is moving in Israel today and Jews are coming to faith in Christ.   

Joel- How do you explain the deep and widespread love evangelical Christians have for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel? 

Tom- I think that because about 80% of our Bible is about Israel that it comes natural for us to love them. And it should! Our faith has roots dug deeply into Israel’s soil. Our Lord walked there. The prophets preached there. Jesus started His Church there. The Apostles took the Great Commission to the world from there. And of course the Scriptures were given by God to His choice leaders there. The Jewish people today of course are diverse in beliefs but their persistence and resiliency amazes me. My wife and I have a deep love for the Jewish people. It seems to me Joel that more believers are discovering Israel today and the love for Jewish people is growing in the church. I believe God is pleased. 

    The nation itself is a miracle to That Israel survives is a miracle in that it is positioned in the midst of the Islamic Middle East. But the Jews of Israel not only survive… they thrive and in Two Nations under God, I list just a few of Israel’s accomplishments. Here is just a partial list: 


  • The cell phone was developed in Israel by Israelis working for Motorola. 
  • Voice mail technology was developed in Israel by Israelis working for Microsoft and Cisco.
  • Instant Messenger for America Online was developed in 1996 by four young Israelis.
  • Israel has the largest number of NASDAQ listed companies outside the United States and Canada.
  • Israel has the highest number of scientists and technicians per capita in the workforce.  One hundred forty five out of every ten thousand Israelis are employed in these technical professions.
  • Israel is the only country to enter the twenty-first century with a net gain of trees.
  • Israel ranks number 2 in the world with the second highest per capita of new books.
  • Israel has the world’s best airline flight security.
  • Israel also has the largest number of biotech startups per capita.
  • And this one is just flat-out mind blowing – between 1901 and 2006 there have been 750 Nobel Peace Prize winners.  Of the 750 winners, Jews have accounted for 158!  Twelve million Jews account for twenty-two percent of all Nobel Peace Prizes.

Joel- What’s happening spiritually in Israel right now — and why? 

Tom- Jews and Palestinians are desperate as the conflict shows no signs of letting up. But God is breaking through the strife. Muslims are having dreams and visions about Jesus and coming to faith in Christ. The Church is strong and healthy in the Palestinian areas. They are so passionate for Jesus. Jews also are opening up to Jesus as their Messiah. When I first began going to Israel it was rare to hear about a Jew becoming a follower of Yeshua. Joel, now we hear that routinely. The Messianic movement is growing in Israel. The worship is awesome to be a part of as Jewish believers recognize the Biblical feasts and festivals. Holocaust survivors, Israel soldiers, Orthodox Jews and secular Israelis are just a few of the people that I know of that have received Jesus as their Savior just in the last few months. Israel is ripe. The spiritual harvest has begun.

Joel- What is E3 Partners, and how can people be praying for the ministry you’re engaged in? 

Tom-I am privileged to serve with e3 Partners and it is a strategic church planting ministry. We pray that God will plant a church in every village worldwide. e3 stands for “We equip believers to evangelize their nation and establish new churches.”  That’s our heart and that’s our passion. Our ministry President, Curtis Hail, told us recently that about 3500 churches were planted last year alone by e3 leaders around the world. God is so powerful and so loving and He does not want anyone to perish. The most effective way to be a part of that is to disciple believers and helps them start new churches where they live. We saw 127 new churches launch last year in the Middle East alone! My wife JoAnn started a women’s ministry with e3 Partners in the Middle East called Selah. It just started a year ago but they have been invited to 15 countries already. Women in the Middle East need to know that the God of the Bible values them and loves them. 

    Please pray for the Gospel to advance even more this year and for God to rise up more national leaders to disciple the massive number of new believers worldwide. Once new believers are discipled they will be the leaders that plant new churches around the world.


To order Two Nations under God simply click on the link below.


Or pick up a copy at your local bookstore.


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